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Thank you for supporting Texas HeatTM Elite Girls Select Softball. All teams in the organization work very hard each year to compete in the different World Series events. This year's goal is to compete in the USSSA Road to Orlando at the Walt Disney World ESPN Sports Complex. This will be the furthest the team has traveled and are excited about this event. Your financial contribution is important to the players, coaches and parents. Please note that delivery will NOT be in time for Christmas. Delivery will be in January.

Each Resealable Bag holds either 2 oz or 4 oz of product. However, due to the differences in density of each product, actual weight of product will vary. Shipping is $1.50 per item - $3.50 per gift set.

2 oz Package size: 4" x 6.5" x 2.25"
4 oz Package Size: 5" x 8" x 3"
Large Size 4 oz Resealable Bag; $8  

French Fry Seasoning

Just sprinkle this french fry seasoning on your fries and it will turn them from ordinary into extraordinary! Try our french fry seasoning on vegetables too.


BBQ Blend Seasoning

BBQ Seasoning can be rubbed on everything: chicken, pork, burgers, steak, beef ribs, and more.  It is a special favorite on grilled steaks.  Try mixing in brown sugar for a sweeter flavor. 


Mango Chipotle Rub

Our Mango Chipotle blend offers a great balance of heat and sweet.  Use our seasoning with salsas, BBQ and marinades for chick, pork, beef ribs, etc.


Texas HeatTM Rib Rub

Your pork, beef, chicken, prime rib or other meats would be delicious on their own but by adding our rib rub seasoning you will spice it up a notch and add an amazing, rich flavor.

Large Size: 4 oz Resealable Bag - $9  

Yankee Chicken Rub

Yankee Chicken Rub is a wonderful, fresh blend of spices and gourmet ingredients. Your chicken will taste fantastic and is also great on other types of poultry.


Steak & Burger Seasoning

Our steak and burger seasoning will provide a strong, grilled flavor and robust aroma to your steaks and burgers.  This seasoning smells absolutely wonderful and is great with beef and even on vegetables.


Down South Pork Rub

Our Ancho Rib Rub is a sweet and smoky blend made with Ancho Chili Pepper. This blend has spicy a kick!  Use as a rub for pork, beef, or chicken.


Blackened Seafood

This is our own special blackening seafood seasoning. This delicious blend can be used for blackening any type of fish or shrimp.

Large Size:  4 oz Resealable Bag - $10  

Prime Rib Seasoning

Whether you are roasting, grilling or smoking this is a great rub.  Your prime rib will be wonderfully flavored with our fresh herbs and spices blend.


Garlic Pepper Seasoning

Sprinkle this garlic pepper seasoning on burgers, chicken and fish or toss with salads, vegetables, pasta and rice.  Perfect on top of toasted French bread!


Sriracha Rub

Use as a dry rub for roasting, baking, or grilling by adding 1 teaspoon Sriracha Seasoning per pound of meat.


Yankee Steak Rub

Our unique blend of Yankee Steak Seasoning is great on steak, hamburgers and other meats.  You can use as a rub or make a marinade for grilling your steaks.

Large Size 4 oz Resealable Bag - $11  

Backwoods Balsamic Fish Rub

Our unique balsamic fish rub blend will bring the flavor of Balsamic Vinegar to your favorite seafood dishes. Add to sauces or just rub directly on fish and seafood.


Wacky Pepper Blend

Our wacky pepper will add a delightful taste to your favorite meats without hiding the natural flavor you love. This blend was designed to be a steak seasoning but has also proven to be a nice addition to hearty soups and sauces.


Texas HeatTM Signature Taco Seasoning

Proprietary Blend of traditional Mexican spices to give authentic flavors to tacos.  This is the all-time favorite of our spice blends especially made for Texans!

PIT MASTERS Deluxe Gift Set Large Size 4 oz Resealable Bags - $28
Steak & Burger Seasoning Yankee Chicken Rub BBQ Blend Seasoning Blackened Seafood  
Texas HeatTM Elite Favorites Gift Set Large Size 4 oz Resealable Bags - $30
Texas HeatTM Signature Taco Seasoning Texas HeatTM Rib Rub Garlic Pepper Seasoning Yankee Steak Rub  
Lemme’ Try Something New Large Size 4 oz Resealable Bags - $32
French Fry Seasoning Mango Chipotle Rub Sriracha Rub Wacky Pepper Blend  

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